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In 2018, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane is proud to donate $1 from every ticket sold to Bravehearts. Bravehearts is dedicated to empowering, educating and protecting children. Their mission is to prevent child sexual assault in our community and to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Bravehearts is Australia’s lead organisation working holistically to protect children from the crime of sexual assault.

1 – 5 Australian children will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach adulthood. We are sure you agree that this is unacceptible – if this were a disease that suddenly struck down one out of five kids, it would be declared a national crisis. Yet, despite these statistics, most don’t know that our nation’s kids are in crisis.

Bravehearts is inundated with their cries for help – they come to us in droves, little children, young people, protective families needing our help, sometimes even for toddlers, and horrifically even babies; or they come to us as adults struggling to cope with the trauma – often we are the first ones they’ve ever told – even 80 year olds call us. This crime effects every walk of life, rich, poor, all nationalitilies, it doesn’t discriminate. Loving family members supporting their children also suffer… the tentacles of this crimes spread far and wide, as too can be negative outcomes for those who are not believed or supported.

Although our mandate is to ‘break the silence’ on this crime, we unfortunately can’t show the children behind the scars and deep emotional harm – these brave and beautiful little people are invisible to the public eye… Invisible to society maybe, but not to us. We just can’t show you, and that is one of the reasons it makes it so hard for us to glean support…people just don’t want to talk about this crime or even think about it existing in our wonderful happy country… Ignorance is bliss – or so they say.

The good news is that this crime is, for the most part preventable. We are doing everything in our power to help them heal, and ultimately through prevention and early intervention programs, education and legislative reform, reduce this horrendous crime. Our Mision is to prevent child sexual assault in our society, and we will never give up fighting for our brave, but we can’t do it alone. We need organisations and amazing people like you to join us to be the voice that will speak for those who can’t. Awareness is key – by making it okay to speak about this crime and bringing it into the public arena, you will help us help them.

Every precious and brave little life we support, has the opportunity to grow into strong and well-adjusted adults… The childen of today are tomorrow’s future. We hope you will join us and support the vital work we are doing to ensure their safety – after all, they deserve no less.

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